Saturday, July 5, 2008

We have amazing friends...

We have a friend, Amie, from college. We were friends in college but traveled in different circles of closer friends so we didn't keep in much touch after graduation.

We got back in touch within the last year and have bonded over grief. She lost one of her daughters in late pregnancy death, and I suffered the much smaller loss of infertility. Through our different experiences we've shared pain, encouragement, thoughts, discoveries and resources. The result is that these conversations have been more meaningful than perhaps any other sort of more superficial reconnecting conversations would have been. I've been so grateful that God has given us a second chance at friendship. How marvelous is it that He was not content with me missing the boat the first time around! He has done that with a few other friends too.

I purchased something from Amie (who has a great Etsy shop) for BFF and godson (guess I could say K and M...) Anyway, we were writing back and forth, corresponding about the details of everything when she sent me a note that included this:

Speaking of I also have sitting here a surprise for you and Todd but can't wait to tell you what it is (I am terrible at secrets). Every year we have a garage sale to purge our home and pick a "cause" to put the money toward each year. For example: paying to go to [Other friends'] wedding, Buying bible study books for our neighbor and....supporting you and Todd! This year we were selling mostly extra baby gear and thought it would be fitting to donate any money to Todd and you and baby [Our last name]. We know that God has specially chosen your little one for you and are so excited to meet him/her and about the life that you and Todd are giving him/her as Godly parents who love the Lord. We also are so excited about snowflake adoption so you can expect a check in the mail (again probably with your nursing cover) for $___. We spent last Saturday hosting the garage sale and praying for you and Todd and baby to be with each purchase. We also had a sign out that said the money was in support of adoption and when people asked we told them about snowflake. Some of them had embryo's that they were unsure what to do with and were excited to hear about an adoption option for their kids!!! (no pictures I don't know where my brain was sorry!)
I know you guys have the money you need for the adoption covered but Jon and I wanted a way to tangibly show you guys our support for what you are doing and for your baby to be. Use it however you wish, baby "stuff" donating to Snowflake adoption, preparing your home for baby.
We love you guys!

I can't tell you what it was like to be the on receiving end of such a thoughtful gesture. It's most sincerely, one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for us. And hear me when I say that the money itself has nothing to do with it. What is so meaningful is that Amie and Jon took us in to their hearts and prayers, and that they shared Embryo Adoption with other families. That makes my heart soar! Amie and Jon, I know the amount of little lives that will be saved just went up as a result of your faithfulness! We're so grateful for your friendship, for your love, for your prayers, your support and your selflessness!

Amie's note also challenges us to find equally intentional and overwhelming ways to love on our friends. So thank you for your example of friendship, too! We love you too!