Monday, July 7, 2008

Prayer Request

Disclaimer: The below information is not public knowledge yet. If you know the people in question, please keep this information confidential. I am allowed to post it here, because 99% of my readers don't know them, but for the few who do, please keep it under wraps.

Our best friends invited us over today and when we got there, they sat us down to "talk about something." I knew something was wrong. R (the husband) is accepting a job offer in Chicago. They leave next month.

They don't want to go and we don't want them to go but he's been trying to find a new, better job here for a long time with no success. Taking this job would enable K to stay home with M (godson), which is what they want. Plus, he'd be working for a company that values and respects him (this is the company he left when they moved from Chicago 3 years ago).

Those are really great things for their family. I just wish they could find those same things in a job here. They want it too, so the 4 of us (and anyone who will join us) are praying that in the next month, God would move mountains to give him a good job HERE with the salary they need for her to stay home. They've said that if He does that, they will stay. It's all of our hearts' desires for them to stay.

Meanwhile, I'm doing the best I can not to fall apart. I cried a lot yesterday and woke up a lot during the night just thinking about it. Just typing this makes me feel ill. I'm distressed and sad at the prospect of losing them. I don't want to miss out on little M's life, and I don't want to miss out on R and Ks, either. Pregnancy and adoption and parenting seems a lot more frightening without their support system. It was a dream of all of us for our kids to grow up as playmates and for the 4 of us to grow old together. Both K and I had sort of gypsy childhoods so we were reveling in the fact that we had both finally found solid, long terms friendships-a luxury neither of us had when we were younger. Losing my best friend from college for reasons that are still unbeknownst to me was traumatic. Like, it changed who I am traumatic. I'm just so tired of loss and starting over. I wasn't even looking for close friends when we met them because I didn't want to take the risk. But we met them and there was no turning back.

Because of them, Phoenix had finally started to feel like home for me. I finally felt like I was putting down roots of my own here, not just inheriting DHs. I've never really wanted to live in Phoenix and the first several years of our marriage were hard for me because I didn't have many friends here. I was really lonely. I do have friends now, but she's the only one I have that true kinship and sisterhood with.

Our hearts are broken and so are theirs. Would you please join us in praying that it would be God's will for them to stay here and that He would provide the means for them to do so? I want what's best for them. I just want that best to be that they stay here.

If they move, we'll all be driving to Chicago Labor Day weekend. That's just too soon...