Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Milestone!

I got the letter from my doctor that Nightlight needs in order to allow us to proceed. I knew my doctor had told us at the last meeting that he didn't foresee any problems with me carrying a pregnancy, but I was still nervous when I called that some phantom concern would have developed between now and when I last saw him. Suffice it to say, I was really excited when the letter showed up.

It's short and to the point but that's how my doctor rolls. The sentence in red (my edit) is what matters! It constantly amazes me that between both DH and I, the only part that works just fine is my "oven," which is "all" we need for this joy of Embryo Adoption. He burdened our hearts for it and fashioned our bodies for it...that constantly amazes me.

I also talked to our Social Worker today. She said she expects to mail off our report on Friday or Monday. Shortly thereafter, BFF and C both contacted me to say that our worker had done her follow up phone interviews with them this morning. She needs one more to go with the report to the court, so it seems that's nearing the end too. And I'm glad I'd forgotten all about that part of the process--recommendations always make me nervous!

In other news, congratulations to William and Glenna, who I mentioned last week. Their little one, Isaiah, has finally arrived in to their arms!

Happiest congratulations also go to Elaine, who received a positive pregnancy test!

Congratulations, friends!