Tuesday, April 8, 2008

God is Generous!

Dearest friends and family!

We are so excited to share with you our prayers of Thanksgiving and song! God has been so merciful and generous to us. As of today, we have 100% of all of our adoption money! This includes the money for the Arizona Agency (already paid in full), the Home Improvements (everything purchased already is paid in full), Nightlight's fees, and the Frozen Embryo Transfer fees, as well as a discretionary fund for small expenses like Fed Exing documents (and the actual embryos!), court fees, etc.

I wish I could begin to tell the story of all the miraculous ways God has provided. I've tried to share some here but if I gave you the full details, we would be here for hours! The long and short of the story is that the methods have been so miraculous, so unexpected, and so improbable, that it is undeniable that the provision has been from the generous Hand of God alone. To Him alone be the glory and honor and praise! We sit at His feet, humbled again that He has lavished so much upon us, after giving us so much already! God indeed is unique in that even after giving His Son for the sins of the world, He has seen fit in this season to spill our cups over with His gifts of generosity, provision, and happiness!!

What this means for us is that as soon as the Court certifies our Homestudy, we can immediately turn it in to Nightlight (whereas before we were expecting a gap as we saved the remaining money) and then have our interview with them, at which time we'll enter the matching process. So, this does not hasten or change this current part of the process, but honestly, wrapping my head around everything He has already seen fit to give us is enough!

Thank you for rejoicing with us!!