Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bawling my fool head off (Or: Song Review: I Would Die for That)

Ok fellow IF ladies I'm apparently late to the party on this. I've never heard this song though from what I can gather, it came out this past summer.

Country Singer Kellie Coffey has boldly gone where I have never seen a contemporary, mainstream artist go before, with her song "I Would Die for That."

Wow! What a song! Brava to Ms. Coffey for bringing attention to this issue, though for her heart I am sorry that she has to.

I found this song to be cathartic of my own emotions, and empowering insofar as she is taking this issue out in to the open and raising awareness.

I do raise objection to the apparent criticism of those who have given their child up for adoption but I do understand her point that she would die to even have a child to at all, much less consider giving it up. I do hope that that element of the song will not be perceived as condemnation. However, as an expression of her own emotion and grief, I cannot fault her.

However, as a cathartic, guteral expression of emotion, this song is exquisite. Ms. Coffey is so intimate and unashamed with her honesty, her struggles, her dreams. We can cry with her because we know her pain and we ourselves have thought those same things. There is no "beautifying" here--just raw emotion and raw honesty of what is.

I recommend to anyone it helps to watch it as many times as is needed. However I also challenge us as women to not linger too long in our pain, lest it overtake us. When the season of mourning comes to an end, even for a brief while, move on from this because it will only take you back to the pain. And I pray that Ms. Coffey herself is moved on at least from the acute pain. But how dear and brave of her for sharing this way!

Recommended: Yes