Friday, June 13, 2008

Homestudy Update

Beware-there are two very long posts below them! After a time-imposed blogging drought, I had a lot to say :)

But here is the update on the Homestudy Visit.

The visit went very well. We went to bed relatively early last night and took a leisurely pace this morning. Our home has never been this clean! She came and took a surprisingly fast tour and then we sat in the living room answering a few outstanding questions she had and going through Nightlight's required questions. Everything went flawlessly (so far as we know).

What happens now is that our social worker will write up her report (20 pages!) and send it along with our references, medical information, fingerprints, etc, off to the court. She said she expects to have it ready to send off by the end of this month. Then the court takes 3-6 weeks to review everything, and, Lord willing, accept it and certify us. Once we're certified, our social worker here sends it to Nightlight. Then we're considered eligible by Nightlight for a match and we wait. If the potential match on the table is a go, we could proceed at that point (provided everything was already agreed upon and such). If that match is not a go, we would enter their regular match process and wait for a family whose desires are similar to our own.

So that's it! We've done all we can do and now we just wait! It feels really good to be done!

My friend Henrietta from Sweden arrives in the morning (and it's already really late) so I have to scoot in order to be up early enough to pick her up at the airport. I'm really excited about her visit!

If you couldn't see the John Piper video, here is the link to it on youtube. I hope it works for you!

Hope you all are well!