Saturday, April 19, 2008

All finished!

I threw my best friend's baby shower today. I had a lot of fun in the actual party-planning process and the guests seemed to enjoy themselves (at least I hope they did!) In my former life I was an event planner, and I LOVED it, so this was a nice outlet for my otherwise largely-repressed skills and enjoyments.

But it's all over now, which means baby's coming soon!

Here are some pics from the day. Not very good photography, but I was rushed to take a few pictures as guests were arriving-no time for art (it takes me like 10 tries to get 1 good shot and that just wasn't happening today!)

First, my Edible Arrangement. I was tickled pink with how this turned out because I'd never attempted it before. People seemed to enjoy it. The fruit tasted good and I had a chocolate fountain next to it so people took a skewer and then dipped it in chocolate--yummy!

Half of the spread

These were the adorable cupcakes and cake. Sadly, I wish I could say I had this kind of talent, but I do not. They were made by the super fabulous Diana. I ask her for a cake, she says "they aren't my specialty, but sure" and she comes up with THIS! Isn't she amazing? I'd love to see what her "specialty" work looks like!

Then my blue punch! My Sister in Law sent me a recipe for some and I couldn't find the main ingredient anywhere, and I didn't like another main ingredient, so I scratched it and made my own. It actually turned out pretty well!

Our adoption stuff gets in to full swing this week. Our adoption education starts on Tuesday and our first Homestudy visit is this Friday.

Then on Saturday I'm doing a major garage sale to make room for baby.

A few days after that we leave for Jon's wedding in Michigan. Then we come home just in time for my mentor/dear friend C's son's wedding, which I'm doing a few things for. Then we leave for Michigan again, for my oldest friend's wedding.

We think we'll be able to breath come June! =)