Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Bah. I cast a vote today that I never thought I'd cast. It's an odd position for me to be in to have no candidates that I like because I'm usually SO active in campaigns and the last two Presidential cycles, I've really been happy with our Party's candidate. I had to make the decision on whether to vote personally or strategically. One candidate matches more of my views than the other (and the third not either!) but I think he's far less electable than the other. So I made the decision to vote strategically. It was a hard ballot to cast and one that I never thought I would, but after a TON of thinking, praying and discussing with DH and consulting the opinions of people we respect, we both made the best decision we felt we could make under these circumstances. I'll be interested to see the results!

If it's Super Tuesday in your state, make sure you get out and vote! I was pleasantly surprised to have to wait in line to vote--I've never had that happen. So I'm glad that more Americans are showing up to vote!

To find your polling place in Arizona, click here. You must be registered as either Democrat, Republican or Independent to vote in the Arizona Primaries (undecideds and no-affiliations can't vote in our Primaries).

I love that voting day is the only day all year where it's perfectly acceptable for grown adults to wear stickers! And be proud of it!