Friday, February 15, 2008

Moving Forward

Woohoo! I've been on the phone this week with the various agencies.

We've got our Adoption Classes Scheduled! We start in April! Woohoo! I'm actually really excited about them. We'll talk about a lot of various issues-preparing our own hearts, learning age appropriate ways to introduce adoption to the children, and things to consider when deciding our desired level of openness with the genetic family.

We also have our first two appointments with the new fertility clinic scheduled. We won't learn anything new at these but we have to become patients and have them get familiar with us and vice versa because when the time comes, the Embryos will be shipped to them and they will do the physical transfer to me. In the mean time we have to do all those tests I mentioned, as well as a "mock transfer" and pilot cycle to make sure they know the best time and place to do the transfer. We're seeing the same doctor that the couple we spoke with on the phone saw and the lady told me they were really pleased with him, so we're excited.

It's crazy how quickly this started moving when we said "Yes, Lord."