Friday, December 21, 2007

Le Sigh: Doctor Update

Happy Birthday to me <*eyeroll*>

My doctor just called me with the results of my Ultrasound. I have another cyst, as big as the previous one that was surgically removed. <*sigh*>

I'm not stressed about the cyst itself. I was the last time but having been through the surgery once before, I know how easy it was so I am a lot better off than I was this time of year (almost exactly), 2 years ago.

What stresses me out it that it's my left side. This stresses me out for two reasons. First, I continue to experience regular pain on my right side which is now unexplained. I've never had even a twinge on my left side. Second, all of my other problems with cysts, scar tissue, adhesions and blockages have all been on my right side. I was really taking comfort in the fact that I had one working side, especially if we are able to get the other problems fixed or improved. So, it scares me that I now have problems on both sides.

The doctor did say that this is a simple cyst and he told me that my other one was a complex cyst. I'm not sure what that difference means but he said it with the intent to encourage so I guess that whatever it means is good (rather, better) news. He told me they'll repeat the ultrasound in 3 months to see if it has gone away on its own. He had hope that the first one would go away on its own, too and it didn't so I do confess I'm not as optimistic as he is, but I don't mind waiting and giving it a try. At least it's not causing me pain, and it won't grow much more in 3 months so there's nothing to lose.

I'd appreciate your prayers that this one dissolves, that the pain on my right side would be relieved, that I would be protected from pain on my left side from this cyst, and that my left side would be protected from future complications.

Thank you!