Monday, December 3, 2007

Hannah's Prayer

I wanted to encourage any Christian women who struggle with infertility to visit the ministry of Hannah's Prayer. The part of this ministry that is particular help and encouragement to me is the Message Board. It has been so refreshing and therapeutic to be in a "world" surrounded by women who understand the "rules." There's a whole world of people who "get it" and who don't need an explanation of the moodiness, the laments, the despair, the loneliness, the hopes, and the dreams, of this journey. If you're seeking a place to share part of your journey with other like-minded women, I'd encourage you to join us. The women in this community are there to encourage and spur you on with love, encouragement, accountability and biblical truth.

The community is for women at any place in their infertility journey. This includes women who are not trying to conceive, women who are already parents (through fertility treatments, marriage or adoption) but still suffer or suffered infertility, and women who will never be parents because they've chosen to refrain from pursuing other options.

If this sounds like a place that would be of encouragement to you, please join us!